Monthly Club Meetings

On the second Friday of each month RFC members meet in the Mounts Auditorium at 7:30 PM to hear presentations given by professional and informative speakers on fruit. Before and after the presentations our members enjoy fellowshipping and sharing their fruit growing experiences and knowledge with each other. One of the highlights of our meeting is the Tasting table which is gloriously arrayed with rare tropical and often exotic fruits grown locally by our members.

Monthly Speakers


Speakers of the Month:  


    JUNE 8, 2018 - James Pernsteiner USDA

   Home Irrigation and Water Conservation



Join us for an educational experience, Friday

June 8 at the Mounts Auditorium 7:30 pm.


June 8th          Monthly Meeting    Home Irrigation and Water Conservation 


June 16th        Zip Trip:   Mango Madness Palm Beach County Mango Farms


June 30th        Day Trip:  Fruit and Spice Park Mango Mania


July 13th         Monthly Meeting  


July 14th         Day Trip:  Northern Mango Adventure - Merritt Island

August 10th    Monthly Meeting    Chris Truly Tropical  Tropical Fruit Pruning  (Confirmed)


Sept  14th       Monthly Meeting - Election of Officers


October 6th     Plant Sale


October 12th   Monthly Meeting


October 13th     DAY TRIP: Kampong Dr. Fairchild                                                 residence

                                          Green-Lang Nursery

                                          Lara Farms


November 9th   Monthly Meeting


November 19th  Zip Trip Tour Members Gardens


December 14th  Holiday Party




  • Professional Speaker
  • Plant Auction
  • Drawing for Door Prize
  • Fruit Tasting Table
  • Seed Exchange
  • Purchase Grafting/Pruning Tools ( at a discount )


Mount’s Auditorium

531 N. Military Trail,West Palm Beach, Florida


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